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Thanks for visiting my site. Let me give you some insights on me and how I can help you.

I am an event and headshot photographer, based in the Kanas City Metro area, who absolutely loves the world of photography. I am an avid tennis fan. I have been taking pictures at tennis events as a spectator for many, many years. All that time behind the camera photographing something I really enjoyed led me to becoming a professional photographer.

I really enjoy being an EVENT PHOTOGRAPHER. Whether operating as a SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHER capturing those heart-stopping, thrilling, or agonizing moments or documenting other than a sporting event where there is always so much energy, positive vibes, friendship, and mutual respect on display, my job is capturing the emotion and authenticity of the moment.

As a HEADSHOT PHOTOGRAPHER, I provide college graduates, established professionals, business owners, persons who operate within the digital environment an ability to create or update their digital identity with a professional portrait.

Visual images are processed faster by the human eye than text and are an important component for social media content. Of course, it is a great medium to use for marketing.

Time moves so fast sometimes. A photo allows us to relive a moment, reflect on the past, and make moves for the future.

I am part of the Black Women Photographers collective.

J. Pamela

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